Passenger Diaries: Austin Atkinson – Paraty

Dear Friends,

As you can see, we are docking or anchoring every day at the moment! This is being written in Rio.

Paraty was a real shock/surprize! Shock because of something I learned just before we were ready to get on the schooner to get to the local port. “A guided walking tour – in this heat!!! You must be joking!”

There was no joke and, even though the passage into the bay and the schooner trip in was just delightful, I remained to be convinced that I had made the right choice all those months ago in the UK.

However, almost immediately, the place beguiled me. Paraty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (more in the Retrospective) and was just exquisite without being pretentious.

The first shots are taken from the schooner journey in and the rest (selected from many!) hopefully give you some idea of Paraty.


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