A Tapestry Of Central America – by Eddie Thomson, Hotel Director


A Tapestry Of Central America
Jan 4 -22 2013.

The cruise began in a very quiet way
Voyager was berthed in Montego Bay

The Jamaican’s all wanted to help you on the ship
But from what I hear they all wanted a tip

I went ashore; I thought I’d give it a try
Then I heard some music,” No Woman, No Cry”

Then two days at sea as we made for Progresso
Then a stop in Mexico and time for an espresso

A day at sea then on to Belize
With tenders so fast you wouldn’t believe

Skimming over the waves right into town
Wasn’t that fun, we didn’t let you down

Honduras was next on to Puerto Cortes
No tenders to ride, therefore no stress

Puerto Limon was nice , that’s in Costa Rica
Where all the locals were pleased to meet’cha

Another day at Sea, how many so far?
I’ve lost count; it’s beginning to jar,

Colombia was next the port of Cartagena
If you enjoyed it then I really don’t blame ya

There were flamingos, monkeys, squirrels and parakeets too
What a wonderful site so near to the ship, it was almost a Zoo

The San Blas islands weren’t they grand,
A little piece of Heaven surrounded by sand,

Many of you went ashore by canoe
Skimming ashore across the ocean so blue

Then on to transit the famous Panama Canal
It was exciting, fabulous and not at all banal

Do you remember the names of the locks during transit?
Gatun, Pedro Miguel, and Miraflores, that seems to fit

We got to Balboa with no Rocky in sight
Maybe in training for one more fight?

A day at sea in the Pacific Ocean, so blue
I really loved it, and I think, so did you

Manta is where we have to say goodbye
As off to home you must to fly

If the weathers so bad and you can’t get there
Come talk to me, there might be cabins spare.

Eddie Thomson
Hotel Director
m.v. Voyager

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